Truly saves money. The burning high petrol was a big concern.it was a big decision to get my vehicle retrofitted. However, the task pays off. We carry our daily commuting on electric mode only. our expenses on travelling dropped down to 10% of its previous value.

— Plethora Power

Preferring an electric vehicle make sense for company operations. we have retrofitted the company vehicles. We are getting a great performance. The company delivers its value. It saves costs in daily commutation and maintenance

— Ferromet Steels

It provides clean, electric power for regular use and stand ready for that weekend road trip. It is able to drive much further on Electric mode in a single day without having to find a quick-charging station. But Plug-in on electricity costs less than half as much as it would on gasoline.

— Vikas Hydro

On average it costs 12p per mile to drive a petrol-engine scooter, this drops to just 5p per mile using electric power if you charge up at home at a rate of 14p per kilowatt-hour. You’ll also benefit from either a lower or zero rate of road tax (VED) compared with an internal-combustion engine Vehicle

— Throttle Motors

Plugin Hybrid have signifiable bigger battery. While it can be very useful if you can regularly charge it up for city driving, it becomes counter productive whenever you want. PHEV is like Blu-ray, it’s a good technology.

— AeV India

A hybrid (plug in) has the advantage that they will have 160 mile range using their petrol engine, and when you run out of petrol, it’s a five minute job to refuel them. It can drive much longer on electricity only (typically 30 to 50 km) and can be charged from a socket. Meaning that for the short daily commute, it is quite often possible to drive completely electrical.

GreenDrive India